Degree Course (Science )


      Compulsory Subjects:

      • English (Semester I, II for Non Major & Semester I for Major)
      • Computer Skill (Semester II Major and Semester III & IV non-major)
      • Environmental Studies (Semester IV)
      • Skill based Courses (Semester V & VI for General programme only)


      Elective Courses:

      Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics, Botany, Zoology, Computer Science, Information Technology, Economics

      Combination of subjects for Major and Non-major Courses in B.Sc. programme


      For Major course

      Compulsory Subject :

        • English (1st Semester)
        • Computer Skill (2nd Semester)
        • Environmental Studies (4th Semester)

      Elective Subjects: Three subjects One for major & two for core subjects as mentioned bellow

      Major subjects

      Core subjects


      Mathematics & Chemistry / Electronics / Computer Science


      Physics & Mathematics


      Physics & Chemistry / Physics & Electronics / Physics & Computer Science / Electronics & Computer Science / Information Technology & Computer Science


      Chemistry & Botany


      Chemistry & Zoology


      Physics & Mathematics /  Mathematics & Computer Science


      Mathematics, Physics / Computer Science

      For Non Major (General) Course

      Compulsory Subject :

        • English (1st and 2nd Semester)
        • Computer Skill (3rd and 4th Semester)
        • Environmental Studies (4th Semester)

      Elective subjects (in any group):

        • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
        • Chemistry, Zoology, Botany
        • Electronics, Physics, Mathematics
        • Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics
        • Computer Science, Electronics, Mathematics
        • Information Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics
        • Information Technology, Electronics, Physics
        • Economics, Physics, Mathematics
        • Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science


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