The college seeks to

          1. to educate its students to become responsible and ethical citizens of the world with the skills to think creatively, reason critically and communicate effectively.

          2. to encourage the students to pursuer  their courses with resolute determination, equanimity of mind and honesty of character.

          3. to foster global  competency among students so that they can prepare themselves for the opportunities and challenges of life.

          4. stimulate the academic ambience to attain quality sustenance and quality enhancement.

          5. build strong bonds with all stakeholders through dedicated teamwork, innovative  strategies and commitment to excellelence.



      We believe that 

        1. every student has the potential to  develop himself/herself as a worthy individual of society.

        2. We believe  that education becomes most fruitful when individuals share and care for  it.

        3. We believe that learning is a life long process and meaningful  education opens up horizons of persistent learning.

        4. We  believe that lessons in discipline imbibed by the students make them not only responsible but responsive citizens.

        5. We believe that if  education is to produce socially useful individuals, the scientific,  technological and economic learning imparted in educational institutions today must be supported by moral, intellect and spiritual  upbringing.


      The  college has a vision of imparting quality education to the learners. Quality  education would prepare students to cater to the demands of a modern  technological and global world while inculcating in them the values and cultural  heritage.

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