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Sealed Tenders/Quotations affixing court fee stamp of Rs. 8.25 (Rupees Eight and two five paise) only are invited from the Government Registered/ Eligible contractors in two Bid form written clearly as Technical Bid and Price Bid on the cover for Renovation, Upgradation and New Construction of works under RUSA Infrastructure Grant 2018-19. The Tender/ Quotation papers will be issued from the College Office from 11 July to 16 July 2018 during Office hours and last date of submission is 16 July, 2018 upto 4.00 PM.  The Tenders/ Quotations will be opened on 17 July, 2018 at 11.00 AM. For details see the College Notice Board or College website www.digboicollege.com.


                          DIGBOI COLLEGE,

                          DIGBOI -786171

                          DIST. TINSUKIA, ASSAM





        Memo No.:-Dig./Col./RUSA(Advt.)/2018/01                                                                                            Date:09/07/2018



             Sealed Tenders/Quotations affixing court fee stamp of Rs. 8.25(Rs. eight and two five paisa) only are invited from the Government Registered/Eligible Contractors in two Bid form written clearly as Technical Bid and Price Bid on the cover for the following jobs of Civil construction and other allied works and electrification on or before 16.07.2018.Details of work as given below-



Name of the Work

Approximate value of the Work

EM @ Rs. 2%

Cost of Tender Document(non-refundable)

Time of Completion


Construction of Approach Road to Library Building & Indoor Stadium

(135.0 Mts.X6.0 Mts.)




One Month


Renovation & Up gradation of Toilet Blocks-

A. Toilet Blocks for Auditorium.

 (9.0 mts X3.0 mts=27 Sq. mts)

b. Toilet Blocks for Commerce Dept.

 (7.2mtsX4.2 mts.=30.24 Sq. mts.)




One Month


Up gradation of Existing Laboratory Room on Ground Floor (282.00 Sq. mts.)




One Month


Renovation & Up gradation of Girls Hostel Building

a. Ground Floor-361.50 Sq. mts.

b. First Floor-361.50 Sq. Mts.





One Month


Renovation & Up gradation of Existing Class Rooms Including electrical works

a. 1st Floor 330.00 Sq. mtrs.

b. 2nd Floor 330.00  Sq. mtrs.





One Month


New Construction of Proposed Toilet Blocks

a. Ground Floor 16.20 Sq. Mts.

b. First Floor 16.20 Sq. Mts.




One Month


New Construction of Proposed 2nd Floor Class Room & Multipurpose Hall. Part-I (167.44 Sq. Mts.)




One Month


New Construction of Proposed 2nd Floor Class Room. Part-II (135.10 Sq. Mts.)




One Month




Important points:

1.     Detail particulars and tender papers/quotations will be issued from the college office from 11 July to 16 July, 2018 during office hours.

 2.     Last date of submission of tender papers/quotations up to 4.00 P.M. of 16th July, 2018 and will be opened on 17th July 2018 at 11.00A.M.

 3.     The Bidders must have to submit their tenders separately for every work. 

 4.     Earnest Money @ Rs. 2 % (Rs. 1 % for S.T.&S.C.) should be payable in favour of the Principal, Digboi College, Digboi, pin. 786171.

 5.     Contractors must have pre qualification documents having similar nature of works executed for last three years.

 6.     The Contractor has to submit two bids. One is Technical Bid containing Registration, Experience, VAT/GST payments, PAN Card etc. and another is Financial/Price Bid containing rates only.

 7.     If for any reason the last date of issuing, receiving and opening of Tender/Quotation papers is declared holiday then next working day will be considered as the last date.

 8.      Original Tender document duly signed with seal of the firm on each page as token of acceptance of the terms and conditions of the tender.

 9.     The undersigned will be the sole authority to cancel or accept any Tender/Quotation Papers without showing any reason thereof.

 10.  The NIT will be a part of the Contract agreement.

 11.  Awarded Contractors are to deposit a Security Money @ Rs. 10% (5 % for S.T. & S.C.)of total Tendered cost.

 12.  Other details will be provided in the tender documents.


1.     The bidders should submit an undertaking with the Technical Bid that his firm has not been black listed by any of the Departments / Organisation and no Criminal Case is pending against him/ Firm on the date of submission of this bid (Annexure- II).

 2.     The bidders must furnish details of Registration no, PAN Card No. , Service Tax No. (if applicable) VAT /GST Registration No. along with copy of these documents.

 3.     The EM deposited by the bidders will be refunded in a stipulated period.

 4.     The bidders must submit the following documents along with the Technical Bid, failing which their Bids shall be rejected and shall not be further considered:-

a.      Copy of Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)

b.      Copy of PAN/ GIR card, VAT/GST registration certificate

c.      Copy of Work Experience of similar work during the last three years

d.      Copy of Undertaking that the Bidder/Firm is not Black Listed by any Government Departments/ Organisations

 e.      AT/GST paid certificate.


1.       The contract is to commence from the date of award of contract to the bidder/firm and shall continue for the completion period unless it is curtailed or terminated by Digboi College owing to inability to complete the work/substandard quality of materials.

2.       The contract shall automatically expire due to non-completion of work in contract period unless extended further by the mutual consent of contracting firm and Digboi College.

 3.       The contract may be extended on the same terms and conditions or with some additions/ deletions/ modifications and on satisfactory performance, for a further period with mutual consent.

 4.       The contracting firm shall not be allowed to transfer, assign, pledge or sub-contract rights and liabilities under this contract to any other sub-contractor/company/ firm/ agency etc.

5.      The contracting bidder will be bound by the details furnished by the bidder to Digboi College, while submitting the tender or at subsequent stage. In case, any of such documents furnished by the bidder is found to be false at any stage, it would be deemed to be a breach in terms of contract making the bidder and liable for legal action besides termination of contract.

 6.      Financial bids of only those bidders who are technically qualified shall be evaluated.

 7.      Digboi College, Digboi reserves the right to terminate the contract during initial period after giving a week’s notice to the firm.

 8.      All expenses for completion of the work shall be borne by the bidder.

 9.      The rates quoted shall remain same during the contract period and no request for any increase in the rates shall be entertained during the period of the contract

 10.   The bidder should be available on his/ her own direct telephone (office as well as residence) and also on mobile phone so that he/ she may be contacted immediately in any situation.

 11.   Before award of contract, all original documents will be checked by the authority of Digboi College and at that time attested photo copies are required to be furnished. Digboi College shall not be responsible for any financial loss or other injuries to any person deployed by the bidder in the course of their performing the duties to Digboi College in connection with the completion of work.

 12.   In the event failure of submission of Security Deposit by the successful bidder within the stipulated time line for whatsoever the reason(s), Earnest Money Deposited by the bidder shall be forfeited.

 13.   Either the party or College authority may terminate the contract by giving a notice of seven days.

 14.   In case of breach of contract by the contractor, Digboi College shall have the authority to cancel/ terminate the contract, besides forfeiting the Security Deposits.

 15.   Digboi College reserves the right to accept or reject any bid or cancel the tender proceeding without assigning any reason whatsoever.

 16.   All disputes arising out of this contract shall be settled amicably by Digboi College and the contractor. In the event of failure to reach amicable settlement, the same shall be settled by an Arbitrator appointed by Digboi College as per the provisions contained in Arbitration and Conciliations Act 1956.

 17.   The terms and conditions of Rastriya Ucchatar Siksha Abhijan (RUSA) will be followed and implemented.

 18.   The terms and conditions of Public Financial Management System (PFMS) will be followed in case of all financial transaction issues.

 19.   The successful Bidder (s) must sign an agreement with the Authority of the Digboi College, Digboi regarding the quality of materials, completion of main works including allied works in time.


1.       The Bidders must have to submit their tenders separately in every work of NIT. Both the Bids, Technical and Financial should be submitted in separate Envelops.

 2.       The copy of related documents must be submitted along with the Technical Bid and Financial/Price Bid.

 3.       The Bidders can submit the tender either by post or by hand to The Principal, Digboi College, Digboi, PO – Digboi, Dist.- Tinsukia, Assam. PIN- 786171 or drop it in the Tender Box at the Office of the Principal, Digboi College.


1.     The Technical Bid must be accompanied by NEFT/DD/Bankers' Cheque for Earnest Money Deposit, drawn on any Nationalized Bank/Scheduled bank in favour of Principal, Digboi College. Tender/Quotation submitted without EMD shall be summarily rejected.


 1.     The EMD of the unsuccessful Bidder will be returned as an early date. No interest will be paid by Digboi College on the EMD.

 2.     The EMD of successful Bidder will be returned after the completion of the work.

 3.     The Financial Bids of the Contractors will be opened who are technically qualified Bidders.


 1.     In the first instance the Technical Bids shall be opened by the Authority of Digboi College, Digboi in the presence of representative of Bidders, if available.

 2.     The Bidders may depute their representatives for the opening of the Bids.

 3.      The Technical Bids will then be evaluated by the Digboi College internally.

 4.     Once the Technical Bids are accepted, the Financial Bids of the vendors (whose Technical Bids have been accepted) shall be opened.

 5.      If any vendors so desires, it may depute its representative for Financial Bid opening event also.

 6.     The decision of the Principal, Digboi College, Digboi shall be final and binding.

 7.      The terms and conditions of Rastriya Ucchatar Shiksha Abhijan (RUSA) will be followed and implemented.

 8.      The terms and conditions of Public Financial Management System (PFMS) will be followed in case of all financial transaction issues.



Digboi College, Digboi

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